We are an experienced team with a passion for analysing, designing and executing digital solutions.

Websites and applications

Over the years we have created more than 600 websites and applications. We help set up the initial task; we get a user experience specialist involved and carry out prototyping.

Strategy, user experience analysis, responsive web design, developing.
For platforms we usually use WordPress, WooCommerce or special solutions.

  • 600+ projects

  • 16 years’ experience


A good design is not only something good to look at, but also functions well as a whole. We create a modern and convenient user interface that is easy on the eye for your existing or new application or portal.

Websites, portals, applications, corporate identity (CVI).

User experience (UX)

One of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a good digital solution is the bigger picture of the user experience (UX).
We analyse, prototype and find the right approach before the design phase. The solution is available as an independent service or a part of another service – for example, a website or application development process.

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Cooperation with start-ups and software houses

We cooperate with start-ups, software developers and portals regarding the user experience and user interface design. Our main focus is on everything the user sees.

Usually, our cooperation extends from prototypes to design and coding.

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Consultation and strategy

We don’t assume that you’re a web expert and know exactly what you need and how to achieve it. We don’t even assume that you’ll buy a service immediately. This is why we always invite you to meet us so we can discuss and understand what is actually needed, what your plans and ideas are and where we can step in to cooperate.

We are friendly and very experienced with more than 600 finished projects, and we can certainly give good advice.

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Goal-oriented approach

There’s no point in doing things just to get them done. We study your business in depth, we write down aims, how sales are made, what is important in the sector and what the position is that makes you stand out. And then we start inventing.

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