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12. oktoober 2009

{Disainisahtel} Decoration vs. Function (part 1)

Disainisahtel Canada Goose Constable Parka

Every single pixel that exists in a good web cheap First Communion Dresses design has its specific function, in other words, it is there on purpose. Whether it’s a line, or a background fill, or an illustration, it is supposed to help user to interact and receive information. The more graphic elements that are there without a clear functional purpose, the more complicated and unpleasant the user experience will be. Canada Goose Mystique Parka

The purpose of design is to establish a solid communication with the user, by finding the perfect balance between the pure function and the decoration.


The Success of the “Clean Style”

The minimalist, as the scientific definition would name it, is the purely functional design approach. The challenge of this approach is to find the minimum set of graphic elements without sacrificing the aesthetics and the convenience of our interaction with the site.

Let’s see a few examples. Evening Dresses sale


Theme Magazine

Astheria / Bjørn Friese

The Swish Life Magazine


So why is it so successful? The answer is simple. We can’t deny the fact, that it is very pleasant to use a clean, uncluttered interface, specially if we use it daily.

The common problem with the minimalist web design is, that some people tend to disrespect it and blame for the “absence of design” and “emptiness”. While this might be sometimes true, the fact is that it might be one of the greatest challenges to create great minimalist design.


The Brilliance of the Artistic Decoration

“Wow!” — that is what we usually say, looking at these beautifully decorated sites with the true artistic touch. They involve and make us enjoy the picture on our screen.

Have a look a this brilliance.

Work Awesome

The New York Moon

Ivelin Brachev

Carsonified Events



TUT Candy

Mark Forrester

Make the Switch UAE

Washtenaw Community College

The tricky part here is, that this special decoration has to be very appropriate. It has to help to communicate with a proper message and not distract from the actual information. Unfortunately, it is a common thing to use a cool looking image, just because it is nice by itself, assuming that it would help to sell the content.



The Greatness of Unique

Nothing can be respected greater than standing out of the crowd with the new great ideas. Thinking outside of the box and delivering unique solutions requires the greatest care about what you do and the extensive knowledge.



Oil Norway

MICA | Maryland Institute College of Art

Jason Santa Maria


The Attraction of the Non-existent “Web 2.0 Design Style”.

A very few of us tend to resist to modern trends. Whether it’s our car, daily outfit, house decoration or a mobile phone, we generally feel better if it looks cool and trendy. Some of the best trends become classic. But for most, trends just change one another, and we forget what was yesterday. Trend can not be classified as a style. It might be the best achievement in design at the current moment, being the limitation of the true possibilities at the same time.

Check this out. This is sexy, isn’t it?





Freelance Switch



365 Days of Astronomy

The problem with the trendy design, is that it may loose it’s base function at the certain point and become a mass madness. For the sake of the cool “web 2.0 look” designers start to throw around glossy reflections, gradients, huge typefaces and other trendy elements, completely missing the functional purpose of design.

See you.


Author Valeri Torf is designer @ OKIA.